Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Fasting is beautiful. I fasted yesterday to grow closer to God among other things. One day without eating or drinking...just water, goes a long way. I'd been feeling sick, not really sick just my muscles were very sore when i would wake up. I felt like a 65 year old woman who ran a marathon every morning and night! This had been occurring for weeks. I went to the doctor but they are unsure of what the problem is. Instead of leaning on mans knowledge for hope and wisdom, i decided to look to God for healing! So i fasted just to get close to Him and lean on Him. He decided to bless me because this morning when i awoke i felt great! My hands, shoulders, feet, and other muscles weren't as sore as they have been. I could hardly notice the pain. He didnt just physically bless me, but i have grown spiritual as well and much closer to God. Fasting is great and God is so good.

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