Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 1 @ Daily News

Today was my first day. Ive been really sick and feeling the worst symptoms. It was getting worse. Funny thing is the hour i stepped into the office and got familiar i felt better! it relaxed and excited me and i hope to feel better by the end of this week. Today was a slow day in the office, i got familiar with the people, sat in on a meeting, got familiar with some of the equipment and daily routines of those in the video department. Im excited and hope to learn a lot of useful things at this job. If not, i hope to learn a lot about the city and hope to express myself creatively to the max while out here! I plan on working on my photography and writing a lot more while im isolated from everyone im familiar with! I want to learn photoshop a lot more and really learn advanced techniques in photography. To start off I learned HDR and here is a photo i took of the view outside my window in my apartment (excuse the watermark im demo-ing an HDR software).


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