Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 3 @ DailyNews

Day 3 and im itching for the weekend! I havent been able to photograph and explore the city yet and its killing me...funny, i had a daily news email i didnt even know about and had to go through thousands of loops to find out the password. Again, im feeling better today but i was thinking yesterday as i woke and started feeling a routine being created "When do i get to rest? What day is it...tuesday!? You mean i have to wait all the way until saturday to have free time!" and i realized, i DO NOT want an office job! Lucky for me, the field im getting into isnt going to be that way, thank God. How those people do it, i have no idea, but i wont be able to, no way....not eva. HA. Anyway im kinda bored at the Daily News, hopefully things will get exciting somehow someway, until than ill keep up the diligence lol. I do admit though, i feel pretty cool swiping my NY Daily News badge to enter the building and all these rooms HA!

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