Wednesday, May 20, 2009


When i first interviewed with the NY Daily News, i totally anticipated turning down the job because i was really nervous and scared that i wasn't supposed to go there. In other words, i have a desire to go where the Lord calls me and im always scared that the decisions i make aren't the ones God wants me to make. This of course leads me to lean on prayer to help me. So after i told my father about the interview he told me "if you get that job, you better take it". Than that got me thinking, it is a good experience and it would be so cool to go. But i couldn't help to wonder what i would be leaving here in CA, even if just for ten weeks. I had so many plans, my church, family and friends. So i prayed really hard monday morning and asked the Lord to lead me. I said if i got the job than i would go and for Him to bring me comfort and confirmation that i was making the right decision. Than the very next day ladies and gentlemen, i received that phone call with the exciting news. It was pretty obvious that the Lord wants me to go to NY. And even than after the slap in the face, i still was nervous in finalizing my decision. But after i thought it through and prayed some more, the Lord brought me peace and comfort. And now, i am so excited to start my adventure and can't wait for the Lord to open more doors for me. 

my desire to follow God's will for me influenced me to design this logo remixed with my favorite store...haha. hope you like it!

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