Saturday, July 18, 2009

It came to me last night

A dream came to me
where i watched myself napping
on the couch suffocating
but it was peacefully
my guardian arrived and checked on me
'oh she's just napping i'll let her be"
in the meantime i'm gasping for air
i cant breathe!
but i cant move either
just the image of eyelids fill my sight
i just stand there watching myself be limp to this fight
my guardian checks up on me what seems like hours later
mumbles something in hopes im half conscience
no luck, and thinks "man she's really exhausted"
countless time passes by
and now she's concerned and wonders why
"she's looking very still,
let me wake her, perhaps she's ill"
i stand in the shadow witnessing
i cheer my guardian on
"yes yes! go see what's wrong!"
but no such luck, she, i mean me,
i won't awake
so she shakes and shakes
me harder but still i lay
i pace back in forth trying to get out of the way
oh yea she can't see me
what does it matter anyway?
i'm just hopeless and helpless as i stare at us two
i hit the wall and scream what the heck am i supposed to do!?
i stare back at my guardian anxiously
whats that? she's on her knees praying?
finally! after years she leans on the light
too bad i lay still and can't really take sight
but wait what's happening now?
i feel my eyelids starting to fight
they flicker back and forth
and the air starts to trickle through my throat
as the bricks are lifted off my chest
my eyes open, i smile and say "hi!
that was quite enough rest"
shes laughs and starts to cry
i say "whats wrong?" even though i know why
and she begins to tell me the story
or better yet, her testimony.

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